The cost of living in China is substantially cheaper than what we are used to in the UK and Ireland so your salary is likely to stretch much further, leaving aside plenty of disposable income for weekend activities, travel and savings.

With free accommodation, no bills, a low cost of living and a salary of between €1100 and €2000 per month

(taking the lowest salary that any teacher could expect), you can easily expect to save 80% (€880 - €1600) of your monthly pay-packet. Of course, people save for different reasons. For instance, some of our past and current teachers have used this fantastic opportunity to save for:

  • Travel – check out our ‘Travel’ section to find examples of places you can easily travel to for no real expense

  • Further study – some of our teachers use their savings to reinvest in their education and do masters degrees and PHD’s without their parents’ support, or the need to take out a loan. Many of these teachers also have funds left over to spend some time travelling around Asia before further embarking on their educational journey.

  • Deposit on a home – For those thinking of making the big step of purchasing their first home, why not use your year-long contract to get the bulk of your deposit together! We are always delighted to receive applications from couples who are looking to embark on this journey together, and we’ll be certain to place you both in the same school.

Like anywhere else in the world, the cost of living outside of the major city centres is much cheaper, and China is no different. This is one of the advantages of Hunan Province over cities like Shanghai and Beijing, that as well as providing a more authentic Chinese experience, daily costs are also substantially lower.


Eating local food and buying produce from the Chinese markets gives our English teachers amazing insight into the Chinese diet and a glimpse at traditional Eastern medicine. It also leaves them with money in their pockets for traveling during the ample national holidays. Below are the approximate prices of what you can expect to pay:

  • Milk (1L): €0.91 / £0.80

  • Eggs (12): €0.91 / £0.80

  • Carrots (1kg): €0.65 / £0.57

  • Chicken breast (1kg): €1.95 / £1.72

  • Rice (1kg): €1.04 / £0.92

  • Bottle of water (1.5L): €0.40 / £0.35

  • Bottle of Chinese beer (.5L) : €0.52 / £0.46


China has a wide range of regional cuisines and eating out is the best way to discover this variety. Hunan Province is particularly well-known across the country for its uniquely delicious and spicy cuisine. Chinese people eat out frequently and often entertain friends and colleagues in restaurants instead of having them into their homes. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends, or getting a foot massage, you’ll find that leisure activities very affordable in China.

  • Three course mid-range restaurant dinner: €10.43 / £9.19

  • Fried rice/fried noodles: rice or noodles: €0.66 / £0.58

  • Large steamed dumplings, a common street food: €0.39 / £0.34

  • 1 month fitness club membership: €19.88 / £17.45

  • 1 cinema ticket: €8.61 / £7.56

  • Massage (60 mins): €13.25 / £11.63


China has an efficient, yet inexpensive public transport system, with the subway, buses and even taxis all very cheap. These days, Chinese people often commute by shared bicycles, which is also a fun and cheap way to get around.

  • Metro Ride: €0.39/ £0.35

  • Taxi rate per km: €0.29 / £0.25 

       (start fare ~ €1.32/£1.16)

  • City bus:  €0.13 / £0.11

  • Ferry crossing: €0.26 / £0.23

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