The whole experience has been amazing. It has certainly been one of the best life choices I’ve ever made. The help and support I received from Eoin, Jason, Joe and the rest of the Larus Team was instrumental in helping me settle in well and adjust to the lifestyle and culture so quickly. Over the course of my time with the kids here I feel that I have grown so much, not just as a new teacher but also as an individual.  With only 20 hours work a week, I have had a lot of free time to pursue other hobbies, activities and interests while in China. The chance to travel to places within China and South East Asia has been fantastic. I have definitely ticked a couple of place off my bucket list! I have been captivated by China, a country with such a rich cultural heritage and with an immense amount of history behind it. This is an experience that I would not hesitate to do again and wish I had done it a long time ago.


My experience with Larus so far has been wonderful. Eoin and Jason were incredibly accommodating and helpful throughout the pre-departure process and my preparation for leaving, dealing very patiently with my hundreds of questions. Though I’ve only been in China for a couple of months, their support has been very helpful in adjusting and settling in. The few days of orientation upon arrival were also really valuable, with Joe easing the cultural transition and introducing me to some of the other teachers already placed in schools around Hunan. I have only had time for a small bit of travelling so far, visiting another teacher in Zhangjiajie, but it has only made me more excited to see more of China in the upcoming months. 


The best experience of my life! From day one Eoin, Jason and Joe were more than helpful in easing my cultural transition, both during orientation week and the rest of the year. I have found every day to be so unique. The respect that the students have for you as a foreign teacher, and the relationships that I have built with the students has been truly rewarding. By having such little hours of teaching, I was able to have a lot of free time to emerge myself fully into the culture. It has been an incredible learning experience which I would recommend to everyone as it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world.  Having the long spring holiday was a huge benefit as I was able to travel to the big cities of China such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong as well as make a quick trip to Thailand. With such amount of free time, I was able to put that time to use by leaning Chinese, taking spontaneous trips to the mountains and other local areas and just overall make great memories every day.


Having taught in China for over 7 months, I can say it 's one of the best experiences of my life, as It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions, as well as spending time travelling to China 's most well-known landmarks. I am currently working in Jishou Middle school, teaching over 700 students a week. Initially, it was a huge challenge due to the class sizes (40-60 students) and the students’ very basic level of English. However, once the students got accustomed to my teaching style that barrier has been broken down. The team in Larus teaching is always very helpful and supportive, and the insight they gave during the orientation week has been useful throughout my whole experience. 


I was working full time in Xiangtan Middle School teaching over 700 students a week. Initially it was a huge challenge as I had very little Mandarin and my students only had basic English but through the workings of videos, games, visuals etc. and the other great facilities my school made available to me, we were communicating, learning, and having fun in no time. My knowledge of Chinese culture wasn’t initially great either, but having lived there for a year and really immersed myself in day-to-day Chinese living, I feel like I could write a book on the culture now! The other huge benefit for me was the opportunity to visit China’s most well-known tourist attractions during the long holidays we got. I would very much encourage this opportunity to anyone who’s in between jobs, is unsure of what direction they want to go in, or is simply looking for an adventure!


Basically I had a year to kill and I made the completely rationale decision of moving to China to teach English as a foreign language. Obviously moving across the world and immersing myself in a completely new culture was very daunting. However, from getting the visa to ordering fried rice, the team made the experience as easy, and stress-free, as possible. They were a great support network - they acted as tour guides around the city, taught us basic Chinese and prepared us for our journey as EFL teachers. Even after they had departed China, they were always on hand through email or wechat. Without their support and encouragement, my experience in China would have been completely different. As for my experience in China - well, I'm still trying to put it into words. I had a fantastic time, creating lifelong memories. I got to see some "different", yet wonderful aspects of Chinese culture.Furthermore, I met the most amazing people, creating friendships for life!


My time spent teaching English in China was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The opportunity to learn about the culture, and spend time travelling to China’s breathtaking natural and historical landmarks has provided me with a lifetime of happy memories. I also met so many wonderful people during my time there, some of whom I still count among my closest friends. I have to compliment the job the team did in organising all aspects of my time in China. From the interview process, to pairing me with a wonderful school, to the soft landing we enjoyed during the orientation week, everything was organised to perfection.


The support network we had during our time teaching in China was amazing. The team were a constant source of support and guidance throughout my time there. The teaching experience itself was so enjoyable and rewarding. The most fulfilling aspect for me was seeing my students’ progress and sharing in their excitement and pride as they saw their English improve. The whole experience completely changed my perspective and really helped me to embrace the idea that big rewards can come with big risks!


After graduating from university I made the decision to spend the year in China teaching English. The thought of living abroad for the first time in a completely new culture was something that was initially quite daunting, however the orientation week organised by the team made the transition far more smooth than I could have ever hoped for. After that, I was ready to dive straight into my teaching adventure full of confidence and enthusiasm. I’d highly recommend the Larus team to anyone considering teaching English in China.


Having taught English in China for over two years, I can safely say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was a little nervous about going there but as soon as I got there I loved it. I taught a range of ages and levels and it really gave me a sense of a new culture, people and traditions. Teaching a language makes you more familiar with your own language and also improves your communication skills. I really developed my personal character as a result from teaching abroad. I recommend anyone who has a little curiosity to give it a go.

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